The Tarkhan’s (usually Princess’) Sleeve Tourney is a tradition that goes back to the Days of the Principality. At the first rapier championship of the Principality of Northshield, Princess Gwyneth bestowed the actual sleeve from her gown as the favour for the victor (Master Isaac de Hugo). The following reign, Master Isaac passed the favour to the new champion, Adrien de Troyes, and the tradition was born and continues unbroken until this day.

Every reign, the Consort decides what the rules for the tourney will be, and whether the Sleeve will be bestowed by prowess alone or by other means. As the tradition has evolved, the Consort’s Rapier Champion may or may not be synonymous with the Sleeveholder, at the Consort’s discretion.

The Tarkhan’s Sleeve will be held at ARRG XV on the afternoon of Saturday, 28 May 51. The Tarkhan has chosen a prowess-focused tournament. The format will be single-elimination, bring your best, 3 of 5. As a herald, Yehudah Tarkhan asks that there be a procession for the combatants to present themselves (because pomp and circumstance and, well, Yehudah). Banners and entourages and personal heralds and boasts are all gleefully encouraged.

In general, the Tarkhan wants to see the Rapier Community at its best – fighting well, having fun, and yes, showing off!

The victor of the tourney will hold the Sleeve during our heirship, unless, as has sometimes been known, they choose in turn to ask to bestow it to someone else they feel is worthy. The Tarkhan will also choose a rapier champion that day from amongst the combatants in the tourney.