Hrodir and Yehudah’s Quick and Dirty FAQ (feel free to distribute):

  • We are extremely excited!!!!!
  • We have adopted (and adapted) our ideas and plans for appearance and titles from the Kingdom of Khazaria, a culturally-open realm that existed from the mid-600s ‘til the mid-1000s CE. Yehudah’s persona was already Khazar Jew who tends to wear Byzantine; Hrodir’s was Norse, and Kiev began as a Khazar city that became a Norse hub.
  • As Heirs, we have adopted the titles Hrodir Fyrste (a norse title) and Yehudah Tarkhan (a Khazar title).
  • As the 25th Sovereign and Consort of Northshield, we will reign as Hrodir Bek and Yehudah Khagan, the titles of the dual monarchy of Khazaria.
  • Coronation Day will be 10 September AS 51 in the College of Svaty Sebesta (Yankton, SD).
  • For various reasons, we are not currently planning to attend 50 Year, Northern Realms. or Pennsic. We apologize to anyone who hoped to see us at these interkingdom events, but existing commitments prevent our attendance.