Yehudah has two key allergies!

  • Grapes! No grape wine, limit grape juice, raisins, etc. Allergy manifests as asthmatic attack, but also requires pretty high quantities.
  • Capcaicin e.g. the active “heat” chemical in peppers. Generally speaking, green/red bell pepper-levels aren’t a problem. Anything much above that is. Manifests as a typical histamine reaction.

Valdis, Hrodir’s wife, is extremely allergic to pork. As she will be sitting alongside Hrodir for many feasts, it is important for feast stewards to keep this in mind. She cannot eat anything that’s even been cooked near or on the same surface with any form of pig meat, or with pork lard. This includes many commercially-prepared pie crusts!

Basically, if you are including pork in a feast, it must be cooked and served 100% separately from all other food if Valdis is going to be present.



  • IPAs and other hoppy beers. Neither Hrodir nor I understand the current fad for hops. A little bit of hops makes it beer. Too much hops makes it nasty.


  • Mushrooms
  • Brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel’s sprouts)
  • Coconut (texture thing; coconut as a flavour is not an issue)
  • Tree nuts (mild dislike)
  • Grape wine (see allergies)
  • Harder liquor (again, medical reasons, not really choice)
  • Artificial sweeteners. Most diabetics learn to live with them. Yehudah finds all of them either taste nasty or do a number on his digestion.

Grey area

Yehudah is currently limiting his alcohol for medical reasons. But, in limited amounts…

  • Mead
  • Non-grape wines
  • Darker beers