Hrodir: Horodiru - ホロディル

Yehudah: Iefudaa - イエフダ-

Heir Title (both)

Koutaishi - 皇太子 (in text, Koutaishi Denka - 皇太子殿下)

Until coronation, both could be referred to as crown princes, as there was no position of “heir” to the Shogunate that I’ve been able to find. There were imperial princes who became Shoguns during the Kamakura Shogunate.

Full Name and Title as Heirs

Hrodir - ホロディル皇太子殿下 (Horodiru Koutaishi Denka)

Yehudah - イエフダ-皇太子殿下 (Iefudaa Koutaishi Denka)

Ruler Titles

Shougun - 将軍 (short for Sei-i Taishougun - 征夷大将軍)

Tennou - 天皇 (in text should be Tennou Heika - 天皇陛下)

Full Name and Title as Rulers

Hrodir - ホロディル征夷大将軍 (Horodiru Sei-i Taishougun)

Yehudah - イエフダ-天皇陛下 (Iefudaa Tenno Heika)